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“UNITED FOR A CAUSE – Musical Fundraising to Help The Earthquake Victims in Italy” is the name of a compilation born after the striking earthquake that hit the centre of Italy on August 25th 2016, to raise funds and give a helping hand to the homeless families, to the victim’s families and to the people of Amatrice and the surrounding damaged areas.
This project is born out of the will and the good purposes of the Italian Reggae & Dub Producers, and all the proceeds of the sale of this album will go directly to the Italian Red Cross (CRI) who will give them to the people in need.
The Italian Reggae & Dub Producers outta Italy, invite all the people of good will and good purposes to help us spread this work and raise resources to destine to the victims of this tremendous event.
Please donate, support & share! Every single help makes difference!

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